My grandfather narrated many incidents when he met many great saints in the Himalayas. He also narrated one incident how he was caught in the storm of snow while going to BADRINATH to Kedarnath.There was none —my grandfather was rolled with icebergs suddenly a saint wearing white clothes came and saved him.He took him to his cottage—wonder was that there was no effect of storm in the cottage. That saint advised my grandfather certain meditations and sadhnas to do. This incident changed him totally.

He used to tell asthath siddhis —by yogas

He used to tell us how a yogi can expand his body that is called—-ANIMA

Through Laghima a yogi can lighter his weight and he can fly in air and can walk on water—-PANTJALI HAS DESCRIBED  SIDDHIS BY FIVE THINGS—BY BIRTH, BY MANTRAS, BY MEDITATION , BY MEDICINE AND BY  TAP. My grandfather devoted his life for the sake of mankind. He resigned from his job —–and devoted his whole life for this cause —-to serve the humanity.


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