My Grandfather


My grandfather Sh. Jyoti Prasad Sharma ji was a great yogi and ayurvedic doctor in the true sense. He used to walk on all the pilgrimages alone. All the year he was busy in going from one place to the other. At our village he used to wake up at 4 am in the morning—after that he used to go to Ganges canal which is 2 km away from there.He used to pray 2-3 hours in the morning and 1-2 hours in the evening.

I was a child then –he used to narrate me some stories—I have some memories .

He told me how he went to Badrinath Dham on foot—wild forest, wild animals because he was a great yogi —he used to say “ When we see any wild animal—fear comes in our mind and after that we think of killing that animal—the same negative energy strikes the mind of the wild animal and so that animal becomes ready to attack—if we have good thoughts with compassion that animal will not attack you“He found such incidents several times and no wild animal dared to attack him because he had aura of love .

He used to go from BADRINATH DHAM TO KEDARNATH by foot which is other side of the mountain and that distance is about 50-60 km. He used to perform some sadhnas  there.He used to tell there are certain trees and if anyone eat the leaves of those trees —no hunger –no urine—no thirst—and that person can chant mantras for sitting at ones places.

In our villages many patients and persons used to come for taking their problems. He solved certain critical cases through his knowledge of Ayurveda that we can`t believe. Social service was his motto—he never took any money from patients–never went after money.




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